“A World Engulfed In Pain” Has dropped!

Our newest collective; A World Engulfed In Pain has now dropped! 

Throughout the collection we have brought to life some of the pain we all hold inside our being. Pain which has engulfed the world.

Our graphic designs throughout the collection showcase a visual representation of Pain, De-construction of the mind and diversity. Elements that demonstrate our world truly is engulfed in pain.

With mental health and other built up issues being repressed by so many of us we end up building a dark cloud inside of ourselves that one day takes over if we don’t express our feelings to others. This collection expresses those feelings in a positive way through our artwork and we want this to represent emotion inside of yourself.

Emotions through clothing is our choice of expression and it can be yours too. These pieces were curated in the goal to repress your dark side, show them what you’ve been through and how you got out. Help stop the pain from spreading, engulf the world with questions.


Especially now, check in on others. Ask more. Engulf the world in positivity.

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  • Conner Main

    Class as always bro! Keep growing and don’t stop asking questions

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