Overhype x Questions

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As most of you that follow us on Instagram will know. We have recently established a collaboration between ourselves and Overhype Store Aberdeen. The collaboration will feature many unique pieces such as a collaboration T-shirt, custom collaboration Pokémon cards, Our latest collection featured in-store + a pre launch party that is exclusively RSVP.


The collaboration aims to showcase the best of both brands individually and to curate what our collective goal is as brands which is to see the youth rise and take advantage of the world we live in today. With the owner of Overhype (Sam) only being 18 it’s impossible to tell other people they are too young to accomplish their goals. This collaboration has been developed together for the youth by the youth. Something that both brands individually represent.


With the rapid success that Overhype has picked up over the past 2 years it’s easy to see why we did not hesitate in working together. For us it’s been very humbling, from beginning stages of talking about making this happen to now where we are actually beginning to plan and develop what this will look like is still very surreal. We want to make the event in short; LIT!


Our collaboration T-shirt hosts a simple yet effective design marking the collaboration between both brands with embroidery on the front and you can see both brands come together with the signature Overhype blue through the Questions logo featured on the rear screen print. Stock is TBC nearer the time of the event, their will be limited numbers so be there first or miss out!

The Pokémon cards we have curated as part of this event are in partnership with instagram store @8ierrestore who designs custom Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards that combine modern rap artists such as Travis Scott, Lil Uzi and Playboi Carti with iconic series characters such as Charizard, Pikachu & Blue Eyes White Dragon. We then got straight to work and cooked up our own custom collaboration cards. Fit for display purposes & will fit well with any sneaker/ streetwear collection. 

We chose to utilise Pikachu & Charizard as our icons. I mean, who doesn’t love Pikachu right?? Charizard is a fire breathing badass dragon too so what’s not to like. With both Questions & Overhype branding featured throughout and minor details that only the lucky few who appear first will have the chance to see these aren’t something you will come by often. Come and catch em’ all with any purchase at our pop up!

What remains of our latest collection will also be available at the pop up, we cannot guarantee we will have your size left in certain collection pieces however, we can guarantee that their will be unreleased items hitting the Overhype pop up rails in extremely limited quantities. Some of which may never go to production so will be 1/1 pieces available only at our pop up shop.


To end; there will be free drinks and music available at the pre launch party to all who are invited. If you wish to attend please DM either ourselves or Overhype as there is a select number of spaces not yet allocated. 

Be there. It’s gonna be a movie



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